14 life-changing tips and tricks for the kitchen

Wednesday, 23 November 2016.

14 life-changing tips and tricks for the kitchen

Clever cooks have many tips that help make your life easier, and are an endless source of kitchen wisdom! These clever tricks, which many of us don't know about yet, will make our life in the kitchen simple.

1. How to keep your cake moist:

Cover any areas you have cut with bread, securing in place iwht toothpicks. The bread will go stale, yet the cake will remain moist and fresh. 

2. How to grill fish without it sticking:

Place the fish fillet on lemon slices - that way it won't sitck to the grill, and will also give the fish a nice taste. 

3. How to cut potatoes into exactly equal pieces:

Use an apple slicer - it's the quickest and easiest way! 

4. How to peel ginger quickly:

Try peeling the ginger using a teaspoon - that way you won't cut oof too much while peeling

5. How to keep eggs fresh for longer:

Rub the eggshells with vegetable oil before placing in the fridge - that way the eggs will stay fresh for a few weeks longer.  

6. How to prevent bananas from going brown:

Wrap the ends of the banana with cling film, that way they will keep for 3-4 more days. 

7. How to warm butter quickly:

Heat a glass and cover the butter with it. The butter will start to melt after a few minutes - that way you can use it more easily. 

8. How to get biscuits to stay crunchy:

Place in a jar together with a slice of apple. 

9. How to make a different kind of ice cube:

Place lemon slices in the ice cubes - great for refreshing drinks. Perfect for parties in the summer sun! 

10. How to pit cherries:

You can remove the pips from cherries using a bottle and a toothpick. Place the cherry on the bottle opening and push the pip out using the toothpick, so it drops to the bottom of the bottle  

11. How to fix crystallized honey:

Place the jar of honey in a pot of warm water. It will become runny again without losing any of its vitamins and minerals 

12. How to prevent onions and garlic from going stale: 

Store in paper bags that allow air to circulate 

13. How to keep your herbs green and fresh:

Parsley, dill, basil, spring onions, and other herbs can stay fresher for longer when stored in the fridge wrapped in cling film.

14. How to peel garlic in seconds:

Place in an empty jar and shake vigorously - the garlic will peel itself!