Cold pastry with cookies, cream, and lemon flavor

Cold pastry with cookies, cream, and lemon flavor
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  • Complexity: easy


  • 2 envelopes vanilla flavored pudding cream
  • 200g Petit Beurre cookies
  • milk: the quality listed on the vanilla pudding envelope and an additional ½ cup to pour onto the cookies
  • 100g chocolate shavings
  • cocoa: a small amount or grated Couverture chocolate for the powdering
  • limoncello and lemon shavings for flavor


  1. Prepare the Vanilla pudding cream according to the instructions listed on the envelope and add the lemon shavings. Very mildly warm ½ a glass of milk and add the limoncello for flavoring. Dip a few cookies into the milk and lay them out on a medium sized pan or a narrow cake tin. 

  2. Spread a good helping of cream and wait until it cools. Powder it with chocolate shavings. Once again dip a few cookies into the flavored milk and create a second layer. Repeat the process and continue until all the ingredients have been used.

  3. Refrigerate the dessert for several hours before serving. Powder it with cocoa or chocolate shavings right before serving.


Petit Beurre cookies hold a special place in Greek homemade dessert recipes and grandma’s sweets since 1922, when Maria Papadopoulou, a native of Constantinople, brought her recipe to Piraeus.