Taramasalata among Guardian’s TOP 10 dip recipes

Monday, 05 May 2014.

taramosalata teaser

Greek taramasalata features among the Guardian’s top 10 dip recipes uploaded on www.theguardian.com today.

The Guardian has been browsing restaurant menus, cookbooks, food websites and tweets to put together its 10 best dip recipes list. Greek taramasalata features among them, the recipe being one of London’s MAZI (www.mazi.co.uk) menu highlights. Notting Hill’s hyped restaurant lives up to its reputation as it has put a refreshingly modern and refined twist on old-time classics of Greek cuisine and turned creativity up a notch thanks to Athinagoras Kostakos and George Venieris, the chefs behind the menu. The taramasalata recipe the Guardian picked up considering it an exquisite starter calls for a 1:1 potato-to-tarama ratio (60g and 60g, respectively).

The other 9 entries include: • red baba ganoush (based on aubergines-Middle East) • pancar ezmesi (based on beetroot-Turkey) • mushy pea hummus (based on green peas –from  Sally Butcher’s Snackistan) • hot olive and artichoke dip (based on artichokes -U.S.A.) • orange and honey mascarpone (with mascarpone cheese and orange – from twitter: @JustinePattison) • nam prik ong (a chili and lemongrass-based paste - Thailand)  • avocado and jalapeno dip (based on avocado and jalapeno chili peppers-by Scott Hallsworth, Kurobuta Restaurant) • smoky cashew salsa (based on cashews-by Katherine Martinelli) • buttermilk and lime green goddess dip (American Southern cuisine).

Check out the article (and the rcipes) here. 

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